Rhythm Bomb Records signs SaraLee and her band

February 11, 2016

Let's hear it from Rhythm Bomb Records:


Rhythm Bomb is proud to announce its first signing of a band from Finland SaraLee !


Over the years we had a lot of support from friends from Finland. Goofin has supported us from day 1, aswell as Jungle Records/Midsummer jamboree and Big Beat Magazine. Our bands have a strong followship in Finland and you just need to love people from Finland (as long as you dont leave your beer unattended)!


It took a long time, but now we are happy to announce the signing of SaraLee and her band from Helsinki. She is not only a great singer, she plays saxophone too (once at a time). Get yourself the latest issue of Big Beat magazine (december), there is a interview of the band featured.


"SaraLee and her band are on a mission of rhythm ’n’ blues, rock ’n’ roll with a flare of rockabilly and swing! We serve audience juicy sounds, dazzling riffs and ravishing swing with a rockin' beat!"


Yeah, we are on that mission too ! Stay tuned for more news from Finland ... and from all over the world !




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