1. 1-2-3 He's Mine

2. I'm a Lover

3. Trouble Knows I'm Coming In

4. Wasting Time

5. Runaway Bride

6. Heart of Stone

7. Black Widow

8. Hey Bartender!

9. Let Me Love You

10. I Can't Tell You I Love You

11. Third Man Down

12. Black Roses

A1. 1-2-3 He's Mine

A2. I'm a Lover

A3. Trouble Knows I'm Coming In

A4. Wasting Time

A5. Runaway Bride

A6. Heart of Stone


B1. Black Widow

B2. Hey Bartender!

B3. Let Me Love You

B4. I Can't Tell You I Love You

B5. Third Man Down

B6. Black Roses

Heart of Stone (CD) 2018

15€ + shipping

Heart of Stone (12"vinyl) 2018

20 € + shipping

Queen of Your Heart (CD) 2016

15€ + shipping

1. Oh Oh

2. Voodoo Voodoo

3. New York City Bank

4. Stay By My Side

5. Queen of Your Heart

6. Bahama Mama

7. Ain't That Kinda Girl

8. Gypsy In Me

9. Tongue Is Tied

10. Mr. Valentine

11. Down The Line

12. Don't Bring Me Down

13. Now Go!


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